The Bride is making herself ready!
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Welcome to Word for the Bride

We realize that there are hundreds, thousands, of websites that are devoted to encouraging and exhorting followers of Christ. There are many, in fact, targeting what they identify as the "bride of Christ."

So why this website? The short answer is because the Lord told us it was time to do so. Our walk has been one that has been misunderstood by many, outright rejected by others. It has been a lonely walk, a wilderness walk. We have been helped along the way by the writings of many saints, both ancient and contemporary. God has also been gracious to us in revealing truths that we have not heard preached or taught before. Many of these revelations have been confirmed by things that we have read subsequently.

Our Heavenly Father has also downloaded music--music that He said was for the bride of Christ. He made it very clear to us that this music was never to be distributed for commercial profit.  We have also been convicted that we are not to promote websites which emphasize the marketing and commercial distribution of material intended for the edification of the body of Christ. We do not believe that these materials should ever be commercially exploited.  We believe a Kingdom economy is being established among the bride of Christ, an economy that involves an emphasis on giving and receiving, not buying and selling.  We are to be part of that economy.

So, the more complete answer to the question of "Why this website?" is that it is dedicated to making this music, and other gifts that the Lord has bestowed upon us, freely available to others who have made the decision to leave homes, father and mother, brother and sister, to follow Christ at all costs. We dedicate this website to you--whom God has called out from your position of comfort, to take up your cross, and to follow Christ regardless of the cost.  You are the bride of Christ being perfected in His refining fire!  We hope that you are encouraged and challenged by the materials here.  We will be uploading materials as the Lord gives them and releases us to share them publicly.  We pray that in these materials you will recognize something in your journey as well.  Please share your insights and experiences with us as the Lord leads you to do so.

We have also, since 2013, sensed the Lord calling us to the road.  When the weather is favorable, we travel mostly by motorcycle.  As we state on the card that we give to people whose path we cross, "We move and speak with the wind of the Holy Spirit.  The heart of the message that we speak is that we inherit the Kingdom by embracing our cross.  Jesus said, 'He who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me."  This is the message that we are constrained to share with those we meet.  If we are ever in your area, we would love to meet with you!  We would simply ask that you provide us with your contact information, and we will let you know if and when we anticipate traveling your way.

We pray God’s richest blessings on you, and an abundant grace to overcome in the high calling to which you have responded.  We welcome feedback from you.

Chuck and Sarah Faupel
Fayetteville, Arkansas


We are continually adding to this site. Please check back for material that we will be adding.