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Valuable Websites

We recommend the following sites as highly instructive for understanding the spiritual path that you find yourself on, especially for those of you  "outside the camp".  We do not necessarily endorse everything that is on these sites, and we do not monitor these sites closely for content.  We believe, however, that they contain extremely valuable insights for this journey of faith.  If your have any concerns with any of these linked materials, please let us know, as well as those with whom you have questions.

  • Kingdom Bible Studies
    This website was developed for the purpose of disseminating the writings of J. Preston Eby. Eby is a prolific writer, whose powerful writings center almost completely on the Kingdom of God.  Among his writings are extensive discussions on the book of Revelation, the royal priesthood, the meaning of sonship, and the ultimate plan of God to reconcile the world to Himself.   J. Preston Eby is truly one of the early forerunners of the Kingdom army which God is raising up as sons in this day. Eby no longer accepts invitations to speak, as he now devotes all of his time to writing. All of his writings are available for download at no charge. This also includes links to other valuable websites.

  • The Pathfinder
    This site contains writings by Elwin and Margit Roach covering many topics that will be extremely valuable to those on the journey of sonship.  Topics addressed include the rapture, the question of hell, hearing the voice of God, and the question of the ultimate reconciliation of all things to Christ.  In addition to their own writings, Elwin and Margit have included links to many other valuable sites.  

  • Sigler Ministries
    Gary and Carol Sigler host this website that is rich with audio and video materials presenting a strong message of the ultimate reconciliation of all things unto Christ.  Theirs is also a message of the power of the risen Christ within.  In Gary's words, "My purpose in ministry is to help all of God's people expand their awareness of God's presence within them, and by the grace of God to help all men see the revelation of the mystery of the gospel, which is God manifested in the flesh. That is, that Christ would be magnified in our bodies, that He would grow in us and fill us with His Spirit so that it is "No longer I who live, but Christ who lives within me".

  • Hope Beyond Hell
    This website is devoted primarily to promoting the book Hope Beyond Hell, authored by Gerry Beauchemin, who served as a missionary since 1986 in Mexico, the Phillipines and in Senegal.  In this book, Gerry presents the fruit of a lifetime of agonizing over trying to reconcile the belief in a loving God with the doctrine of an eternal hell that has been passed down through centuries of tradition.  In this book, Gerry articulates a solidly scriptural basis for ultimate reconciliation, backed by extensive research of numerous biblical scholars.  The book is available to download free of charge in both audio and pdf form, and also available in print for a nominal shipping fee.  In addition to the book, there are numerous articles and video files available.  This site is extremely valuable to anyone looking for a scholarly-based biblically grounded apologetic for the ultimate reconciliation of all things.

  • Greater Emmanuel International Ministries
    This website contains extensive writings of Jonathon Mitchell, John Gavazzoni and Kenneth Greaterox, in addition to writings from other authors. Each of these men writes, with an anointed pen, of Kingdom realities and truths that are both liberating and challenging.  One of the features of this website is a refreshing translation of the New Testament by Jonathon Mitchell.  

  • The Living Word
    This site contains the writings Paul and Emily Mueller. Their writings have been instructive to many, including some of the authors with web links included here.  These writings provide a light to those on the journey toward sonship; who have left the institutionalized religious system to pursue God's high calling in their lives.    

  • A Wilderness Voice in Search of a City
    This website is maintained by George Davis and Michael Clark.  These men have a profound and deep understanding of the things of the Spirit.  The website includes many of their own writings, as well as writings of others, including classics by people such as William Law and Watchman Nee.

  • George Warnock
    George Warnock was one of the pioneers of the Latter Rain Movement in the mid-20th century. He has written many valuable pieces containing powerful truths that the Lord revealed to him over many years. This site is devoted to his writings.

  • Charles Newbold
    Charles grew up in church, graduated from seminary, and pastored for 12 years before falling away from the faith in Christ and becoming a professional atheist. In 1978, He was radically converted and is committed to following the Lord Jesus Christ. His primary calling is to set before the Lord, listen to His “still small voice,” and write what he hears. Charles has authored and published several books. These are available to read, download, or print from his website. Calling forth an end time remnant is at the heart of most of his writings.  

  • The Real Church
    This website, developed by Andy Zoppelt, a former pastor prior to being called out of the institutional church, contains a boatload of valuable articles. Many of them were authored by Andy, but the website contains many others written by other saints, both classic and contemporary. Andy also includes his own powerful testimony on this site. Additionally, the site contains a house church directory and discussion list for those interested in seeking fellowship here.

  • Bronze Feet of Jesus
    We have found this website to be very encouraging in our journey toward sonship. Great emphasis is placed on the cost of discipleship and sonship throughout the messages on this site. There are both audio and written messages here that encourage and challenge.

  • Pass the Word Services
    Pass the Word Services is a website devoted to preserving mostly out-of-print documents of great spiritual significance. Contained here are the writings of spiritual giants of by-gone days, including Jacob Boehme, William Law, Jane Leade, Francois Fenelon, Madame Jeanne Guyon and others.  The website hosts are committed to maintaining the integrity of the original documents.  There are many spiritually rich documents here that we have not been able to find on any other website.

  • Tentmaker Ministries
    Tentmaker Ministries is hosted by Gary and Michelle Amirault. Their primary focus is bringing the message of the ultimate reconciliation of all things to Christ.  This website contains audio and video materials as well as many articles in written form.  There are, in addition, numerous articles by other authors.  Visitors to the website will also find a blog and a discussion forum.