Birthing My Sons

You are the conception of My wildest dream, the class that graduates with unprecedented honors…yes, My pride and joy even as My beloved Son. Though “it does not yet appear to you what WE shall be” know that even now: just as I AM….YOU ARE! You carry My seed of promise that even now develops in your spiritual womb. I have promised and you have conceived of the vision of My heart:  to KNOW ME and walk in the power of My resurrection. As such, I gave you choices that you made as you have desired My will at any cost and not your own. You chose to walk so utterly dependent upon Me in a hidden place while carrying your cross, yes, even the one I carry with you. This was all preparation for the final death to your flesh and the metamorphosis that I, your Beloved am bringing about even now IN your flesh. Just as your human form was woven in the matrix of the womb of dying flesh, I am weaving your resurrected form…the manchild that will manifest as ME in human form, just as My son was manifested. It is ME you carry who is now being formed in you as our spirit, yours and Mine, which are joined together as one, yes it is WE who are pregnant with this ONE NEW MAN. Do not fear but nurture this perfectly mature spiritual child who I, the Lord, through your spiritual death, give birth.

For I have chosen you to carry not only for your personal manifestation but to carry and labor for those who will truly become My holy nation in the terrible day of the Lord. You are mothers/fathers and midwives of this people who will walk in a resurrected body having NOT tasted death. Do you not perceive the glory that is descending upon you? You will not ascend to the Father as my Firstborn did. The Christ will descend and you are to meet Him in Spirit as He lites to manifest His glory in your being and then you will suffer no more….for are you not one with Me? Truly you ARE My perfect will and through you I will now fulfill all that we desire. For I will live My life in glory and power and you are to know I have come again in my sons to rule and reign upon the earth….even your earthen vessel. For I must rule and reign UPON your earth before I can rule and reign THROUGH you as My rod of perfect judgment and justice.