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Books and Articles


By Chuck and Sarah


Breaking Down the Dividing Wall by Sarah and Charles Faupel      

Losing to Gain by Sarah and Charles Faupel      

Rebuilding the Temple by Charles Faupel      

The Wilderness by Charles Faupel      

Entering the Promised Land by Charles Faupel      

Possessing the Promised Land by Charles Faupel      

Six Locations in Our Relationship with God by Charles Faupel      

The Spirit of God and Bibliolatry by Charles Faupel      

Ecclesia: Taking Back Our Identity by Charles Faupel      

Law of the Spirit--Higher than the Moral Law by Charles Faupel      

Bureaucrachurch by Charles Faupel    

On Freedom and Persecution by Charles Faupel    

A Confession and a Challenge: An Open Letter to My Fellow Christian Sociologists by Charles Faupel    

Election 2016: A Spiritual Allegory by Charles Faupel    

On Birthing Visions by Sarah Faupel    


By Bill Britton

We are delighted to be able to make available several books and articles by Bill Britton. Bill was an early pioneer in articulating and distributing the message of Latter Rain. His writings still bring a fresh breath of the Spirit to those who have ears to hear, which is why they are considered classics.
A Closer Look at the Rapture by Bill Britton    
Eagle Saints Arise by Bill Britton    
Jesus~The Pattern Son by Bill Britton    
The Coming Age of Miracles by Bill Britton    

By Other Writers

Four Tragic Shifts in the Visible Church by Jon Zens    
Joshua and Caleb by Douglas Wilson     
The Messianic Matrix by Loren Caudill     
The Three Comings of Jesus by Leland Earls     
Flight from Babylon and Labor Not for the Meat that Perishes by Chris Anderson     
Viewing the Shift by Ron McGatlin     

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